Next Class Starts: Sept 1

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Are you ready to become a developer? 👩‍💻

CodeOwl is an online coding course designed to give you the support and feedback you need to finally learn how to code without quitting your job or spending thousands

A coding course designed for you

CodeOwl is a cross between a self-paced video course and an expensive full-time coding boot camp. I designed this entire course to give you the support, feedback, and community that will lead to your success while still being affordable and flexible.

Weekly Emails and Video Class

Each week your work is outlined for you to keep you on schedule and motivated. At the end of each week, we meet up on a video chat to go over the content.

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Proven curriculum

This course uses freeCodeCamp's curriculum. I used FCC to teach myself to program and have always been impressed by the quality of their curriculum. Learn more about why I chose FCC.

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Instructor feedback

Because I don't have to maintain and create curriculum, I get to spend my time working with you.

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Monthly 'semesters'

You subscribe for one month at a time. After you pass month 1, you can move on to month 2. These 'semesters' keep you motivated and give you smaller goals to work towards on your journey to becoming a developer.

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Why CodeOwl

After years of watching students struggle to learn to program online, I created CodeOwl to eliminate the most common problems students face

📆 Accountability

Self-paced courses can be completed in a day or a month, but most frequently... never. With CodeOwl you take on month-long courses, your progress is graded, and you advance through your coding journey.

🤝 Community

Each cohort starts on the first of the month. Your classmates are doing the same work at the same time as you. You have access to our private chat server to talk shop with everyone in the program.

🙋‍♀️ Instructor interaction and feedback

I'm here to help you succeed. From making weekly lesson plans to answering your questions I'm available to get you out of jams and back to flying smoothly in your coding journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

As far as technology, you will learn Javascript, HTML, and CSS. This is the foundation of web development. You will also learn about imposter-syndrome, how to master coding interviews, how 'real' programmers write code, and how YOU best learn to program

How much does it cost?

$200/month USD. You get access to the weekly emails, end of week video conference and recap, as well as instructor feedback and messaging. You can cancel at any time or request your money back for any reason.

How long before I can be employed as a developer?

Unlike other boot camps, I don't make promises about getting a job in 15 weeks or crazy salary figures. Instead, I focus on teaching you the skills you need to create web apps and teach yourself new skills. So the answer to this question is, it depends. When I taught myself to program following this technique it took me about 1 year to get my first full-time job and it paid about $52,000/year

What if I can't afford CodeOwl?

That won't stop you. Coding changed my life and I want it to change yours too, so email me by clicking 'contact' on the bottom of this page if you think you can't afford tuition

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